Living in outer space

There’s something fascinating about outer space. Over 500 people have already bought their tickets for Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo flight.

It seems many of us would visit but would you live there if you could?

Well, maybe a few workers at Royal Haskoning Architects would. They’ve taken the proposed visits one step further and came up with a concept for the first ‘Moon Villa’ space house.

Image Source: InteriorHolic

Spherical in design, it not only mirrors but also provides a panoramic view of its satellite. The top selling point for me is the lack of stairs. Instead of climbing step after step, you jump from level to level. Sounds strange doesn’t it? But remember, there’s no gravity here!

It’s got all that you would want from a home away from home. A dining table, pool, even an exercise bike to get rid of any cabin fever.

Image Source: InteriorHolic

Being so close to the atmosphere has its benefits but it’s not hard to imagine that it would be a little overwhelming at times. Fear not, there’s always the underground bunker to hide away until you remember what’s so great about being away from Earth.

As for the energy, well you can probably guess that this house runs on solar power – so no problems there.

I’m definitely not about to go into space any time soon but I must admit that it’s impressive…



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  1. Design looks nice, only thing I’m confused about is the pool. If there’s no stairs due to people being able to jump from floor to floor as there’s no gravity, how does the water stay in the pool?

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