Loft conversions ‘a great value home improvement’

There are many reasons you might need or want more space in your home. As you get older and build up more financial muscle, it is only natural to desire the type of property you can now afford. Alternatively, you might find that your family expands by a child or two and extra space is required in just a matter of months.

Of course, the obvious reaction is to decide to move to a new, larger home that is capable of meeting your newfound needs. But this is an expensive option that is fraught with stress, while the economic situation may make it difficult for you to gain a mortgage in any case. With this in mind, the best option in many cases could be to focus on home improvements that see your existing abode expanded and enhanced.

Jason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine, has issued some advice on exactly which areas to focus on when doing up a domestic property. The first issue to deal with is your budget. Knowing exactly how much you have available to spend will have a significant bearing on exactly what you can afford to do.

If you have a relatively small pot of funds – just a few thousand pounds – his best tip is to focus on redecoration. Some of the processes that can be followed – such as painting the walls and bringing in new styles – may not cost a lot of money, but they can have a dramatic aesthetic impact. In addition, Mr Orme recommended splashing out on a new carpet, which can have a similar effect.

But it is those with more money to their names and available to spend on hiring builders and other tradesmen to carry out work that have the truly exciting options ahead of them that could mean they no longer need to move. This is primarily because they can have new rooms and space created within their existing property.

“If you are looking at £10,000 to £30,000, then there is the potential for a loft conversion or small extension. That may well be the way to maximise value there,” Mr Orme stated.

He was speaking after statistics revealed by GfK Retail and Technology UK showed that poor weather over the Easter weekend meant less money was spent on outside home improvements but more was paid out for interior enhancements.

Having an extension or loft conversion completed by a professional builder will leave you with a high-quality room that can be used as a bedroom for a child or as an additional living area. It can also increase the value of your home, so the work will eventually end up paying for itself to some degree.

All that remains to be done is to come up with plans for your new, exciting space and secure a professional local tradesman to carry out the work. Such a move could save you thousands of pounds compared with moving and improve your quality of life no end.

If you think you’re ready for an extension and wish to find a well-regarded professional builder to offer you a quote, head to for an extensive database of quality tradesmen.

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