Look-a-likes could be a better deal than the real deal

Granite and wood are the fundamentals of many luxury kitchens. There was a time when you could spot a look-a-like imitation from a mile off but, as with a lot of things nowadays you often have to do a double take to spot a fake and sometimes they can pass you by without you even knowing. The question is, if you can get away with faking it… should you?

elegant dining table and chairs

Faking it on top

This crystal cream worktop from the Encore range, by Bushboard, looks like real stone but it’s made from acyclic and costs from £178 per linear meter. Light stone stains easily, spills must be quickly wiped away,whereas this solid surface is more stain resistant and gives you all the aesthetic pleasure you would want from a stone worktop.

Worktops need to be able to stand up to some rough treatment; heat, knives and chemicals all take their toll and this is where you just can’t beat granite, it has the 2nd highest hardness rating after diamonds.

Faking it down below

Stone and granite are luxurious materials, but, ouch they are cold to the touch. This may not be a problem in the summer, but at this time of year – unless you have underfloor heating – the last thing you want is to be walking on is a cold stone floor. When it comes to wooden floors, the real thing needs regular TLC. Engineered wood is becoming increasingly popular, but it’s often the pricer option.

Vinyl didn’t used to be considered an alternative, it was far inferior and obviously an imitation, and a bad one at that. However, vinyl isn’t what it used to be. It has moved on from its primitive 90’s form to something that looks right and feels right – texture shouldn’t be underestimated. Products like Amtico achieve the look and feel of the real deal, but without the limitations, plus it comes with a 25 year guarantee.

This tropical wood effect floor from Amtico gives a taste of the exotic, whilst protecting the rainforests endangered Goncalo Alves, and it looks great with this season’s jewel tones.

With such good and sustainable alternatives on the market today, perhaps the fakes aren’t so inferior after all!

If you want to fake it, or if you’re still not convinced and it’s only the real deal for you, your secret will be safe, our tradesmen won’t tell a soul. Post your job on and up to 3 quality, local tradesmen will contact you to quote for your job. Read their reviews online and pick the right tradesman for you. But no fakes, only really jobs here please.

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