Looking for an affordable house to renovate?

Anyone who is looking for a home that does not sap too much of their monthly income could take a look at Copeland in the north-west of England, new figures have suggested. Statistics from Halifax show that the Copeland local authority is the most affordable place in the UK in terms of the percentage of disposable earnings homeowners are spending on their mortgage.

In Copeland, in the Lake District, households spend 22% of their disposable wages on their mortgage, which could leave quite a lot funds to spend on home improvement. According to the local borough council, the area is home to England’s deepest lake and its highest mountain – so homeowners who are blessed with stunning views of either could choose to have a conservatory built to take advantage of this.

Scotland could also be the place to pick up a home that does not drain the finances, with homeowners in the Shetland Islands, Renfrewshire, west Dunbartonshire, north Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire and south Ayrshire all spending 25% or less of their disposable income on their mortgage debt.

Pendle in the north-west and Doncaster in Yorkshire and the Humber are the other remaining most-affordable areas in the UK that buyers may like to look at.

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