Luxury Garden Buildings to Save For

We’ve all heard about creating five-star hotel style inside our homes, but why leave it there? There are plenty of ways to make the garden a little more indulgent as well as stylish. Here are the latest and greatest garden buildings and luxury garden ideas for boosting the value of your outdoor space.

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Try a new take on a swimming pool

OK, a swimming pool is a pretty luxurious choice for a garden, but why not go for an alternative that will make a stunning natural feature as well as allowing you to take a dip without visiting the local baths? Opting for a swimming pond means you won’t need to add chemicals to keep the water clean – plants and micro-organisms do this – and your swimming space will look like part of your garden rather than a hard-edged extra.

The pond consists of a swimming area and the separate planted regeneration zone, so you won’t be doing the front crawl through greenery. If you’re worried it’s going to be a mite chilly, take heart from the fact that the water will warm up naturally in the sun.

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Adopt spa style

You might not have the space for swimming – in a pool or a pond – but there’s no need to give up on adding a little water-based luxury to your outdoor space. A hot tub means spa-style relaxation without having to book up for a pampering weekend.

Consider the hot tub as part of your overall garden layout so it doesn’t look like an awkward addition. Finishing it to match surrounding decking or sinking it within decking or paving will blend it into the garden, as will planting nearby.

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Go for a romantic garden room

When the only building in your garden is a cobweb-filled shed housing the mower, fork and spade, you’re missing an opportunity: an outdoor living room is a must-have for garden luxe. There are plenty of gorgeous garden rooms and summerhouses out there, but if you want something with nostalgic appeal, how about a shepherd’s hut?

These wheeled shelters have been given a 21st century makeover to ensure they’re insulated and light filled while retaining the original shape and features from the days when they sheltered the watcher of the flock.

Nowadays, not only can you use one as a garden living room, but also as guest accommodation and even as a holiday home if you opt for an ensuite. A woodburning stove can provide cosy heat, and a veranda gives you an alfresco perch.

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Image source: Hartman; Photography: Chris Baynham Photography

Make the living easy

If your garden seating makes you want to stand up after five minutes, and your barbecue’s seen better days, it’s time to smarten up your act. Think furniture first: it’s perfectly possible to furnish your garden as comfortably as the inside of your home. Upholstered seating rather than hard, unforgiving surfaces will make you want to stay put at your outdoor dining table, and lounge-style arrangements including armchairs, sofas and coffee tables mean you can swap an indoor living room for an outdoor version whenever the weather’s good.

When it comes to cooking alfresco, the luxurious options include swapping the lonely job of standing over the barbecue for sociable preparation at a dining table with a fire pit and grill at the centre; wood-fired ovens in which you can cook a multitude of dishes; and even full outdoor kitchens with gas burners, storage, sinks and preparation areas.

The opulent solution when you’re after a little warmth to extend evenings in the garden is an outdoor fire or fireplace. Choose one to give your living-dining space a focal point that’s just as attractive as the version inside your home.

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Image source: High Life Treehouses

Create a hideaway

Does the idea of a secluded retreat that’s not far from home, yet feels miles apart sound appealing? Then try a treehouse in your plot. You don’t need a forest, or even a tree of a certain size, as stilts can support your lofty home-away-from-home – and it’s possible to construct this magical addition without causing damage to the tree.

You could give yours a practical purpose – home office or craft space perhaps – make it the ultimate in playhouses with swings and slides, or keep it as your own holiday home without the hassle of motorways and airports, or a special guest room that’ll have visitors queuing.

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  1. These ideas are only of any interest for owners of large gardens with lots of money! So basically, it’s just a teaser, to get those people to find a tradesman on your site to do the work. Pity as I was hoping that it might actually offer some good ideas for those of us without the money to pay for landscape gardeners.

  2. Shereen from my point of view I needed a tradesman to do the work on the garden I designed, and yes I used this site to find one. My garden is not that large and my budget was not that much either, but the result was worth it.

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