Major jobs ‘should be completed by tradesmen’

It can be tempting to carry out work on your home yourself, particularly in these difficult economic times when every pound counts for many people. Some people might even believe they are capable of carrying out work that should be beyond them.

But you must also consider the safety and quality of the work you are able to produce compared to that of a professional tradesman, who could have many years’ experience in his chosen area of expertise.

Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It + Home Improvement magazine, has told how turning to an expert is often the best way to carry out home improvements, with plumbers and electricians highlighted as tradesmen who should be particularly popular. This is because they work in areas that the average homeowner knows very little about.

“If it’s a major job – if you want to reroute your shower system at home or move the shower point to where the toilet is – you really need to think ‘am I confident in doing this and have I had experience of doing this before?’ If the answer is ‘no’ you should really think about getting an expert in,” Ms DeSouza stated.

In such a scenario, she advised calling for a plumber, although working with electrics can be just as difficult, so anybody not qualified in this area is advised to hire a professional. Indeed, she noted it can be “quite dangerous” to tackle electrics without the right knowledge and experience.

This might be the perfect time to invest in your property, with Ideal Home Magazine recently suggesting many people are finding it tough to move in the current economic climate so are instead splashing out on home improvements.

Ms DeSouza’s words could back up this idea, but it is important only to do so when it is safe and, perhaps, when an expert is on hand. She said checking out regulations with your local council prior to commencing work is a good idea.

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