Make a statement with a living room update

The living room is typically one of the first parts of a home that guests will set eyes on when they arrive at a property, making it the perfect place to make a great impression.

Hundreds of design options are open to you, as well as numerous styles, accessories and colours, all of which can be combined to create the ultimate relaxing space.

Interior designer Helen Green, writing for, has had her say on the matter, recommending the introduction of soft furnishings as one way to brighten up any lounge.

She noted it is worth targeting the curtains as a good starting point, as these can have a dramatic impact on a home.

Cheap rugs and cushions are other items that can be snapped up by an interior designer for a relatively low cost and provide a great return.

Ms Green said that by choosing furnishings and accessories wisely, there is no need to change the larger belongings within a front room.

The expert stated: “You have so many opportunities to enliven your living room and, thus, make it a truly liveable, beautiful and enjoyable space to be in.

“You don’t even have to worry about spending lots of money on buying expensive furnishings and furniture since your old ones will suffice for the makeover.”

Should you wish to change a living room that has become too monochromatic, Ms Green advised adding plenty of colour, while investing in a sofa with bold shades is another good option.

A professional should be able to turn a drab space into a beautiful, peaceful and stylish environment for a relatively small financial outlay and just a few basic materials.

Last week, Ms Green published an article in which she said bright and cheery colours are among the most modern and in demand at the moment.

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