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Home Improvements that Sell

We all know how difficult it can be to sell a home at the moment. With the economic crisis rumbling on, many lenders are simply not dishing out loans to as many people as they once were. First-time buyers have been particularly hard hit and now find it extremely hard to get a foot on the property ladder.

Of course, with such a lack of buyers ready and waiting with the required funds to purchase a property, those of you looking to sell will have noticed it is becoming tougher to find somebody willing to complete a deal. As such, how do you go about standing out from the crowd and securing the attention of the few buyers there are out there?

Well, one of the best answers might just be to invest in home improvements prior to putting your property on the market. Buyers can afford to be picky at the moment, so offering them a home that comes with a number of faults or poorly-designed areas will not cut any ice. Instead, displaying a dwelling that has been imaginatively revamped with plenty of care and style shown is likely to reap rewards.

Nick Marr, a director at the Little House Company, explained there has been a slight upturn in activity in recent times, which he puts down to the fact new sellers are willing to put their homes on the market while existing users are attempting to revive old listings. He suggested that, in many cases, people simply need to move.

“We take from this that owners are now in a position where they want to give the market another try because they have to. Homeowners need to move for various reasons from relocation to downsizing,” Mr Marr stated.

He went on to explain there is good news for buyers amid this trend, as the increased number of homes on the market means many people are being forced to reduce their asking prices. There can be no doubts that the market is in a period of “stagnation”, but that is not to say there are not deals to be done.

Hiring a builder to create an extension or a decorator to give a home an aesthetic lift could both be great ideas prior to trying to sell a property. Similarly, securing an electrician or a plumber to check out all of a building’s infrastructure will allow you to sell in confidence and pass on their findings to prospective bidders.

One problem it is certainly worth tackling is that of leaks, which were exposed by NFU Mutual as one of the greatest problems set to face homeowners this summer. The organisation concluded that you are more likely to suffer a leak in your property than you are to be the victim of a break-in. With this in mind, hiring a plumber to solve any related issues might make your home more attractive to buyers.

It is certainly tough to sell your home right now, but you should be confident if you improve and prepare your property to ensure its plus points are immediately apparent to viewers.

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