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Small Apartment Ideas for More Space

It’s not easy finding a decent place to live these days. Although many people, especially young adults just moving out on their own for the first time, are happy (and forced) to begin by renting flats rather than buying houses, they don’t get much for their money. With economic problems still affecting the housing market, we’re being forced to make do with whatever we can get.

This usually means being forced to move into apartments that don’t have much living space, which can be depressing – when you spend your entire day at work, it would be nice to be able to look forward to coming home. If this is a problem that you have to contend with then you need to get creative with the space that you do have in order to make your living space more pleasant.  Here are our top small apartment ideas and tips for creating more space in your home.

Get the basics right

Whether you’re living in a studio or a two-bedroom place, you won’t get anywhere fast if you have different areas being used for different things overlapping. Decide where the sofa is going to go and by extension where the TV is going to go, where the spaces for lamps are going to be and so on. This will allow you to then use each area to its full potential and ensure that tidiness reigns as much as possible.

Small apartment ideas

small apartment ideas

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There are a number of very simple things you can do in order to achieve the illusion of the room being larger than it is. Painting the walls or covering them with wallpaper of a gentle shade (such as mauve, cream or lemon) helps light to reflect around the room, while furniture should be placed as far back as possible to create space in the middle of it.

Small apartment storage

storage ideas for small spaces

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Storage is the biggest problem that people with small homes face. Humans are collectors and gatherers, and we always seem to manage to collect towers of rubbish that sit around for months until we realise we haven’t looked at them since we brought them home and throw them out. With this in mind, explore the idea of investing in furniture that can also be used to store things (such as a sofa with pullout drawers in the base) or putting up bookshelves rather than buying one to stand against the wall and take up room. You might also buy stool seating to accommodate guests that can be kept under a coffee table. There are tons of other options out there for you to explore as well.

Keep it simple

Do not invest in furniture which won’t sit flush against the wall, otherwise too much room will be taken up unnecessarily. Whether you opt for a straight sofa that can be backed against one wall or a corner design that can be backed against two, the key is to work with the space of the room and ensure that as much room is left in the middle to move around in as possible.

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