Making a good first impression with house names and numbers

How do we find you? Most of us will take one of the most important features of our home for granted, perhaps not changing it during the whole of our time in a house. Others will ignore the need for it altogether, leaving the postman, the Amazon delivery driver and dinner guest visitors guessing.

I am talking, of course, about the names and numbers that identify our homes. Amidst a terrace of red brick they can be one of the few opportunities to express our individuality, whether that is in the shape of a hand-painted ‘Dunroamin’ name plate or a fancy, light-up number 52. So it is a constant surprise when people choose to stick with some 99p stickers from the local hardware shop, scrawling the number on the wall in chalk or keeping the rusting ironwork numerals that were stuck on the house when it was built.

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Naturally, the DIY superstores offer a huge range of numbers, which are usually screw-in or stick on varieties in black or silver. But you can use your imagination and a little research to find something far more modern and individual. For example, small businesses like Kelly Contemporary offer fresh-looking door number plates in a range of contemporary designs and colours. Similarly, HouseBling offer a range of modern classic designs that take in everything from Art Deco to Arts and Crafts  and popular modern fonts like Gill Sans. They certainly beat daubing the number of the house on the brickwork in white emulsion.

Those of you who have a window above the door, or as part of the door, can experiment with vinyl stickers or use window film to create a very individual look. Although this would rely on the postie and your friends looking up when they come to call. If you are feeling flush or want something that stands out more then you can also commission your number or house name to be set in stained glass. You could even go overboard and incorporate your family coat of arms, which should set the neighbours talking.

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When it comes to names, then the choices of what you can and should get done really are endless. You can choose from a set list of common house names at many ironmongers and DIY stores, but your best option is to use one of the many online businesses that have set themselves up to offer bespoke signs for around £50, such as England Signs. You can revamp the name your house has already been given or decide to rechristen your house with a name of your choosing.

You may choose a combination of you and your partner’s name for your home’s name, to call it after a child, a lost pet or even the ground of your favourite football team. If this kind of invention is for you then you may be best off getting a local artist or sign painter to make a sign for you. You may be surprised at how reasonable this can be and, after all, it will be something that lasts a long while.

Obviously you may not want to splash out on a handmade name sign for a flat you are about to sell on. But even the smallest of studio flats can seem all the more grand for something that says who you are and the kind of design you like. First impressions count and you can be sure that the first thing your visitors will be looking for is a house name or number. So be bold and stand out. Don’t be that person who relies on the council- painted number on your bins for your visitors to find you.

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Iain is a London-based writer who works as a journalist for a number of newspapers and magazines. He has also written two books, one of which is a hilarious lexicon about Britishness – Iain is a Brit through and through!

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