House Cosmetics: Repointing Brick

Whether you’re looking to sell your house or you’ve just moved in, there’s a way to make your home stand out from all the others on the street.

Having the pointing in your brickwork renewed and given the once-over means that your house will look as bright as the day it was built and really show off the bricks to their best advantage. Repointing brick will also highlight your home as one that’s well cared for and has a sound and solid structure. It certainly beats washing the net curtains and sweeping the step.

repointing brick

Pointing is the mortar that sits between the bricks that your home’s built of. Rather than just sticking the bricks solidly together and forming an impermeable bond in an immovable pattern, your pointing allows your home to shift slightly in a safe way and allows it to breathe.

But, from a cosmetic point of view, pointing is the thing that shows off how the home has been built and acts as set dressing for the bricks. Having an expert clean and refresh the mortar will illuminate the lines between the brick courses and will make sure your home receives jealous stares from neighbours. Having them work their wonders on the bricks as well will really give you a stunning finish.

Being able to renew your pointing is just one reason for keeping your plain bricks finished as they were when the home was built, avoiding painting them or covering them with cladding or similar surfaces. Getting a professional bricklayer or pointing expert in to do the job means that your home will be free of damp patches from water getting into holes in pointing and that you’ll be able to pick it out from the other end of the street.

brick pointing

Over time, pointing gets dull and dirty as the elements attack it, from rain and wind to pollution, insects and even plant life. Sometimes some simple cleaning of the pointing will bring it back to life, but it does pay to get it checked over and repaired while you have someone working on it. A good cleaning and repair will last you 10 years and the increase in kerb appeal will definitely pay back the outlay for anyone looking to sell.

A professional brick worker will use gentle abrasive tools to clean up the pointing, raking out any that needs replacing before making repairs with a mortar that matches that which is already in place. It’s especially important that an expert does this work, as matching pointing in both colours and materials can be difficult.

Many properties will have had cement mortar used over the years to replace more traditional lime mortar (sometimes called silver point mortar). You’ll find that the silvery lime mortar gives a greater visual impact when compared to the sandy-coloured cement mortar.

Whilst you’re having your pointing renewed, you should also consider having your brickwork cleaned. Don’t be tempted to have it blasted or use any other highly abrasive techniques as this will damage the finish and possibly the bricks themselves. Instead, ask about a gentle clean of the faces of the bricks at the front of your home. It’ll bring the colour back without being harsh on the natural make-up of the brick.

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