May is “packed with opportunities” in the garden

When it comes to getting your garden in great shape and boasting some of the most attractive features on the market, there is arguably no better month in the year than May to carry out work.

With the weather likely to improve over the coming weeks, it could be the ultimate period in which to turn a green space into a relaxing paradise that can be enjoyed by all members of a household during the summer months.

Harriot Lane Fox, writing a piece for the Daily Telegraph, has revealed her views on gardening in May, describing it as a month that is “packed with opportunities”. Intriguingly, she recommended asking the owners of any gardens that catch your eye for their tips and advice on exactly how they created what they have today.

So what are her top projects for the month? Well, it obviously depends on the current state of your garden, but hiring a professional gardener should ensure all of her highly-recommended actions are carried out.

For example, Ms Lane Fox said there are several small tasks that can be undertaken, such as hanging codling moth traps in apple and plum trees, releasing ladybirds in a greenhouse to tackle mealybugs and spraying beetle larvae to protect flowers.

But there are also bigger and more exciting projects to get your gardener‘s teeth stuck into, such as creating a new pond or painting an exterior wall. This is without mentioning the possibility of planting new flowers and vegetable seeds that will hopefully bloom later in the summer.

Garden designer Jo Thompson recently recommended opting for species that do not require a lot of maintenance, as it is likely that you will have to get your hands dirty every so often, even if you can call upon the services of a highly-trained professional.

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