Men ‘cut corners’ with DIY

Bringing in professionals such as plasterers in Dundee rather than attempting a DIY job could prove a wise move by home owners, judging by newly released research.
Carried out on behalf of FrogTape, the study revealed that one in two men are likely to botch decorating work this weekend, as it has been shown that millions of guys cut corners when it comes to home improvement tasks. Indeed, the investigation found that one-in-five blokes have painted around shelves and hanging photographs – rather than removing them from the wall – as they were in too much of a rush to get the job finished.

Head of marketing at the organisation Alan Murray said: “Decorating doesn’t come naturally to everyone and some men are bound to find it easier than others.”
Recent research commissioned by B&Q revealed that many people in the UK do not know a thing about household tools, with almost half of those surveyed failing to identify a wrench.


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