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Men may be more likely to call in painters and decorators

It is men rather than women who could be more likely to rely on the services of painters in Liverpool, if the latest research is anything to go by.

A study by Tool-Net found that the confidence of ladies to tackle DIY projects is on the rise, while men are getting less keen to carry out jobs around the house. Some 2,000 females were questioned and more than 20 per cent said they now spent between five and ten hours a week on DIY. However, a different survey revealed that a fifth of men have no idea of how to undertake even basic tasks and many admit they are “poor” at such jobs.

A spokesman for Tool-Net noted: “It seems that women’s increasing confidence is almost matched by a drop in some men’s confidence in tackling DIY projects.”

Josh Houser, vice-president of service and inside sales at Vivint, recently remarked that bringing in a professional for major home improvements is a must.

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