Millions of Britons ‘want their homes to look nicer’

Dreaming of a nicer, more stylish and modern home is something that many of us do, perhaps on a regular basis. Once you own a home, it is only natural to want to feel proud of it and this is a lot simpler if it is easy on the eye.

This is why so many people choose to make home improvements, often at some considerable cost. While a small burden on the wallet can be overcome in a few weeks or months, the upgrading of your facilities will last for many years and maybe even a lifetime.

As such, the idea of calling in a professional builder, electrician, decorator or gardener to give your abode an overhaul is an extremely attractive one. The hardest point of all might be deciding exactly which part of your home you want to improve and exactly what you intend to do to it.

New research by Everest has underlined just how keen so many people are to splash out on home improvements. Indeed, it noted that a third of people in the UK have admitted to being keen to make their homes look nicer, while the average person has spent more than £2,000 on their property in the last year.

This figure, coming as it does in the midst of a double-dip recession, is a clear indicator that many of you are desperate to live in pleasant and hi-tech surroundings. In total, 82 per cent of people want to upgrade their abodes, many of whom are among those who have already chosen to carry out projects in recent months.

Interestingly, the study carried out by the research body found that it is women who are more likely to argue in favour of home improvements, such as building an extension, repainting the walls or laying a new floor. Ladies in the 35 to 54 age bracket are the most common customers in this market, with 85 per cent of females enthusiastic about making upgrades to their home compared with 76 per cent of men.

The fact spending on the home is so substantial during a period of economic crisis backs the theory that many of you cherish your dwellings and want only the very best. Of course, if you are able to make a series of improvements, the benefits extend to welcoming guests to a more comfortable and stylish place and leaving them suitably impressed. It is not all about simply doing a space up for your own gain.

As well as aesthetic advantages of home improvements, a growing number of you are said to be focusing on green issues. We all know that the price of gas and electricity is rising at a rapid rate, so generating your own by fitting solar panels is unsurprisingly a hot topic right now. You can also hire a local tradesman to fit cavity wall or loft insulation to a building in order to allow it to retain more of its heat, reducing the amount you need to pay for.

This backs up the recent words of a spokesman for the Solar Trade Association, who said solar panels are becoming hugely popular with many of you across the UK. He noted the technology is proving to be a hit not only with homeowners but also with businesses. The expert cited the fact the panels can be installed fairly quickly and are relatively low in cost as reasons for their significant success.

It does not matter whether your planned home improvements are for the benefit of your eye or the environment, hiring a professional tradesman to carry them out is sure to be a good idea. He will ensure the very best job is done – whereas you might lack the relevant knowledge and experience in some areas – which should add value to your home and make it a more pleasant place to live in the long run.

So do not delay, we suggest scraping together any amount of cash you can and bringing happiness and style to your home immediately with some brand new improvements.

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