Lighting Solutions for the Evenings

I hate to bring bad news to you, but we’re going towards darker days. Maybe you’ve noticed that you have to turn on the lights earlier in the evening than you had to in June, and you no longer wake up at 4am with the sunrise. It seems it’s time to think about lighting solutions to keep your house glowing as the autumn days are fast approaching.

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While natural light always is preferred, not everyone is blessed with big windows and high ceilings. When installing lights it has to be both functional and decorative, and as always there are plenty of things to consider: budget, positioning and trends. Think about fluorescent light versus dimmed lights, or  a chandelier versus spotlights. Lighting sets the mood of a room and can easily look out of place if it’s not done properly.  In this blog post, we’ve focused on two completely opposite forms of lighting: LED lighting and chandeliers.

Different lighting solutions:

LED lighting – This is the latest cutting edge technology that provides more value than halogen bulbs. LED lighting minimises energy consumption, is cost efficient and contains no mercury. There are many more perks installing this new lighting solution, as these bulbs are less likely to break and can last up to 25-30 years under normal use. LED has proved very popular when installing outdoor lighting in gardens, but it’s also perfectly suited for inset ceiling lights in kitchens and bathrooms.

modern lighting

This lighting alternative is suitable for modern interiors, so it’s probably not a mix and match option for chintz fans. However, it can be fun to experiment with the pure, saturated colours LED lighting can provide. Without turning your home into an Ibiza nightclub, it could be an idea to install colourful lights above the kitchen cupboards or on the stairs.

Chandeliers – Nothing is more opulent than a crystal chandelier hanging from your drawing room ceiling. These days, there are plenty of exciting, modern takes on chandeliers, which means you don’t have to adopt a Louis XIV style for your home. Prices range from less than £50 to up to more than £10,000, and shows there’s a budget for everyone. Typical places where chandeliers become the key piece of a room, is usually in the dining room or hallway. If you have proper ventilation and space, even a bathroom might be something exotic to consider.

contemporary lighting1. Small Faceted Polished Gold Crystal Ceiling Light from 2. Marie Therese 5 Lamp Red Crystal Chandelier from 3. Chella Cream 5-Light Chandelier from Laura Ashley 4. Rody Grauman’s 85 Lamp Chandelier 5. Massey Modern 5-Light Chandelier 6. Vintage Circa 1950’s Coral Branch Chandelier from The Todd Merrill Collection

As chandeliers are usually heavy fittings, you need to consider the ceiling junction box before you install it. The ceiling junction box contains all the wiring connections in the ceiling, and if it’s not strong enough, you’re in trouble. Similarly, if you don’t have a junction box at all, it’s time to acquire one! Another essential aspect is to consider height placement and the right size of the chandelier, as you don’t want one that’s too big or too small for the room.

If you need help installing or improving your lighting solutions, get a Rated electrician in to do the job for you. Post your job for free on and you minimise the chance of getting electrocuted. 

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