More Britons ‘turning to open-plan living’

The way we live is changing all the time, in terms of the rooms we require and value within our homes and also how they are laid out.

Gone are the days of a bathroom, kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. Now, you are likely to find utility rooms, landings, conservatories, games rooms, and loft conversions in many British buildings. Many of these add value to your abode and make it not only a better place for you to live but also an easier home to sell when it comes to putting it on the market.

It is important to keep up with the latest trends and designs if you are serious about boasting a contemporary and stylish dwelling. In fact, you might need to call local tradesmen in on a fairly regular basis to provide the touches that will keep your address up with the very best.

Alex Albiol Prades, a designer at, has spoken about his take on the current market and what is exciting for modern consumers. He noted open-plan living is undoubtedly a trend that has emerged in recent times and is now a huge hit. Open-plan living works well in larger areas – and it is these that many home buyers and renters are searching for.

“In short, with larger areas we try to take a more relaxed approach to layout to create a more luxurious, relaxed space that people want to be in – less functional and more pleasurable. We suggest clean lines and details, the concealment of storage – to use all available space – and the use of light and reflective finishes or surfaces to help bounce light around,” Mr Albiol Prades explained.

You might think your current home is in no way suited to the idea of open-plan living, but in fact it could be that by knocking down a wall or two you have the ideal space. Why not call a professional builder in to have a look at your property and work out exactly how an open-plan space could be formed?

Mr Albiol Prades reaffirmed the idea that lighting is the key to making a success of this style. He said it is wise to invest in a feature light that will give the room “definition and personality”. You could certainly achieve this by hiring an electrician to carry out the work to a high standard, leaving you with an eye-catching and practical lighting solution.

Alternatively, you might wish to focus your resources on bringing in a decorator who will give your new multi-purpose room an identity and a degree of style that you can only dream of. With every aspect of your home contained in one large space, it is certainly worth making sure each area is finished to the highest quality.

Jason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating, recently urged you not to tackle any home improvement projects that include gas or electricity, as these could be extremely dangerous. Instead, turning to a professional tradesman is the safe option.

Post details of your job on and wait for highly-recommended local decorators to get in touch with a quote.

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