More women ‘want to be builders’

Becoming a builder is now a more popular choice of career for females, it has been suggested.

Speaking to the Cambridge News, an expert in the sector said more and more women are signing up for construction courses. Mick Jones, who is a lecturer at Cambridge Regional College, explained that a recent event saw three times as many girls show up than the amount expected.

He remarked that one of the reasons for a surge in popularity is that many consumers “prefer to have a female tradesperson” because they may be more likely to be trustworthy and do an honest job. “With things like health and safety rules and new lifting techniques, there’s no reason why a woman can’t do as good a job as a man,” Mr Jones added.

It may be that home owners who are looking to improve and not move will need to employ the services of a specialist tradesman or woman. According to a recent report by Which?, consumers should always obtain quotes from three specialists before deciding on whose services to choose.

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