National Gardening Week: 2013’s top gardening trends

Have you given your garden much thought recently? National Gardening Week is upon us and I keep thinking about how I must get around to doing something with my garden! I blame the good old English weather. The lack of sun has kept me firmly inside… Sorry Toby, when it comes to starving my garden of attention, I’m guilty!

Even so, I’m determined to avoid falling into the same trap this year, so I’ve been acquainting myself with this year’s gardening trends. I thought I’d share some of them with you, maybe to try and save you from continuing in my lazy gardener footsteps.

So without further ado…

Wildlife friendly gardens

It’s official. We’re turning soft. Continuing on from last year, we’re all looking for more ways to make our gardens animal-friendly – mostly for butterflies, bees and birds this time around. 2013’s not so great for the common slug unfortunately. While a few of us may choose to buy a feeding station complete with a bird bath, more of us will look to our plants to help encourage those welcome visitors. The Small White butterfly will emerge this month and be flocking to the Buddleia Buddleja (daviddi) shrub and many other cultivated Buddleia varieties in all sorts of colours. We’ll be investing in a mix of nectar and host plants to bring about seed production.

Image Source: Urban Butterfly Garden

Scented flowers

If there’s one thing that encourages bees to our gardens, it’s lavender and we’ll be planting it up and down the country. We’ll delight in stimulating our sense of smell and revel in nostalgia as we tick another trend box – vintage flowers and vintage planting containers like fruit crates. Shut your eyes and The Heliotrope could be mistaken for grapes and the Sweet Alyssum not only smells sweet but looks sweet too. With a height limit of around 6 inches, it could be the perfect choice if you won’t have much time to spend on maintenance.

Image Source: Gardenista

Mixed planting

While last year we liked to keep our vegetables at the opposite end to our flowers, now we’re not so fussy. Vegetables, herbs, you name it, they’ll all be residing close to each other in the garden and in flowerbeds. As we’re becoming even more environmentally and financially aware, we’re looking to support ourselves by having a go at growing our own food. We won’t all be growing huge vegetable or fruit gardens but lots of us will get involved on a smaller scale through growing our own rocket, tomatoes or carrots.

grow-your-own carrots

Image Source: Amanda Miller Designs

Many smaller gardening jobs can be carried out yourself but if you’d like to take on a more ambitious gardening project, it’s always best to hire a professional gardener to get your project growing!

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