New kitchen ‘is a dream home improvement’

Builders in Southampton could be used to create one of the most desirable home additions – a new kitchen.

Estate agency Barton Wyatt has highlighted the room as one that many people rate highly within their homes. In particular, the Christmas period leaves individuals realising just what a brand new, hi-tech kitchen could do for them, as they attempt to cook for numerous family members over the festive season.

“Should clients ask for our opinion then we always recommend something in neutral colours using the very best kitchen products and appliances that they can afford,” stated the company’s partner James Wyatt. He noted that sticking to black and other traditional colours can make a property easier to sell in the long run, although various colours are often picked by people, with cookers even coming in sky blue and pink these days.

Jochen Thomas, director at, recently said that investing in a kitchen can help quirky individuals stand out from the crowd.

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