How to… create a no-dig garden

It began in the 20th Century when two gardeners at Levens Hall, in the Lake District asked “is digging necessary?” Digging isn’t just back breaking work, it disrupts the environment and structure of the soil. The no-dig concept believes that by not disturbing the soil and by allowing nature to take care of itself, the soil is kept free from pests and disease. The creatures living in the soil create an environment that takes care of drainage and aeration, which is why digging is unnecessary and often counterproductive.

No-dig beds can make the most of your garden, even if you soil isn’t up to scratch, a no-dig vegetable bed is likely to give you a great yield. These potatoes look salad perfect, Tree Hugger only started their no-dig garden a year ago and have already had a bumper crop!


jonixk on Hubpages, prove that a no-dig bed doesn’t have to be unsightly.


No-dig implies no-work but this is not the case, you may not need to dig but you will need to add 2inches of manure to the surface of the soil. No-dig is best suited to organic gardeners who want to keep a healthy worm population. Adding a blanket of manure keeps the soil warm, which keeps worms active and drawing the manure into the soil to aerate it. If you have an endless supply of horse manure or grass clippings, the no-dig garden is the perfect solution!


And if you still need to be convinced that the no-dig garden is best and quickest way to get home grown vegetables on your table, here are 4 top reasons from No-Dig Vegetable Garden.

1. They’re easy to build (a morning’s work!)

2. They’re virtually maintenance free

3. They mirror nature to create a rich, organic environment for your plants

4. They can be built anywhere, anytime to any design


If it still looks like too much hard work, get a Rated Gardener in to do the job for you, and enjoy eating the fresh produce from your no-dig garden.

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