No time to waste when it comes to home improvements, says expert

Whether it is a stretch of dodgy guttering that is allowing leaks to enter your home, old and draughty windows that need replacing or an inefficient and expensive boiler, there are always ways to improve your property.

The key to both comfort and organisation within a domestic setting is not allowing problems to multiply and become more serious, potentially causing more damage in the long run. That is a view subscribed to by Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It, who said she believes many of us put off home improvements in order to save money. Indeed, she admitted she has been guilty of this in the past, with the current financial climate making it appealing to forego replacements and repairs in order to keep cash in the bank.

However, this is not a good idea, with the expert stating: “Be warned – you must assess if this is a viable option. Will something that may cost you £100 to repair today end up costing you thousands in the future?” With this in mind, it can be a wise move to hire a professional tradesman immediately and have any problems fixed. Ms DeSouza admitted it can be very easy to let issues mount up and “get on top of you”, so being pro-active in this area is a good idea. “For example, servicing your boiler and rectifying pressure issues et cetera is easier – and more cost effective – than fixing it should the whole system break down,” she explained.

The industry insider went on to offer another example – that of it being much simpler and cheaper to replace rotting wood around a window when it is first identified, rather than waiting for entire frames to become afflicted with the problem.

According to a recent report by the Guardian, the easiest and cheapest way to enjoy energy efficiency within a home could be to invest in insulation.

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