Now is the time to insulate, the Telegraph says

Jeff Howell of the Telegraph has claimed it does not matter what the motivation is, insulation is more important than ever.

Whether homeowners are concerned about the environment or the size of their winter energy bill, now is the time to look at the level of insulation in their loft, he advised.

When it comes to the depth of material, current government building regulations for new homes is to have 270 mm. However, Mr. Howell reminded homeowners that this only applies to fibreglass.

For those who wish to be a little greener, rather than looking explicitly to save money, sheep’s wool is recommended.

He said it is around 20% more efficient than fibreglass, so just 225 mm of material is required. Furthermore, he added that manufacturers claim that wool’s “natural ability to absorb moisture in humid conditions and give it off when dry, can help maintain stable temperatures within a building”.

The only drawback, Mr. Howell advised, is the extra cost.

However, a spokesperson for Friends of the Earth recently suggested homeowners could easily recover such expenditure and save hundreds of pounds every year through the insulation, as well as upgrading their boiler and using public transport.

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