Older homes ‘tougher to make eco-friendly’

Moving to a modern home recently constructed by builders in Leeds may be advisable for anyone living in an older abode and wanting to become more eco-friendly.

That is if comments made by Richard Jones, policy director at the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) are anything to go by, as he explained it is usually very difficult to enhance the energy efficiency of properties built prior to 1980.

Mr. Jones noted there are normally many problems associated with implementing environmental measures in such houses, as they are “harder to treat” than other properties due to the fact the majority of them have no cavity walls or a lack of room for insulation in the attic.

“All of that raises a lot of problems, not least because the technology is not terribly well-advanced and you have potentially got planning issues on the exterior appearance,” he added.

This comes after Knauf Insulation called on the government to make sure all loft and cavity walls are installed by 2015.

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