Olympic inspired interiors

Inspired by the Olympics and some of the participant countries’ flags, we’ve pulled together a colour themed blog post. Although these interiors aren’t exactly typical of their countries’ diverse styles (we imagine quaint garden sheds aren’t the norm in Japan), they offer great inspiration for using strong colours, something that more and more people dare to do these days. If you’re not planning on selling your home in the near future, in which case, it’s safer to stay on the beige side, you can play around with show stopping shades and create a whole new atmosphere in your home.

 Team Netherlands

Image from: Interiorizm

Orange might be an unconventional colour for decoration, but in small doses it can light up the dullest corner. Paint a wall in your bedroom for a new spin on the room, or use cushions, bed spreads and lamp shades as accents. Saturated tones of orange can achieve a warm effect, think inviting Moroccan and North African colours that can transform any sorry-looking English patio. Orange goes really well with greys and browns, those of you who know the French brand Hermes, will know how to make it look good.

Team Japan

Image source: Better Homes and Gardens

Add red to a white minimalist decor and suddenly you have great modern combination that’s miles away from being dull. Red has been a very popular trend in kitchens lately, with many homeowners going for colourful splashbacks and lacquered cupboards. Although we do like colour-popping trends and minimalist interiors, we prefer the look of this shed (above). Pretty and functional in one, this is the red and white winner.

Team Greece

Image from: Indea Interior

Bring the Med back home and mimic the colours of the Greek archipelago. Azure-blue colours with crisp whites look clean and fresh. Navy blue tones with creamy whites on the other hand, will give off an elegant nautical air (unless you pair it with too many anchors and fishing rods). Blues and whites are definitely colours for the living room and bathroom, as it can look too cold in the bedroom. The bathroom is always a place to go a bit overboard with decorations and experiments. A fun idea for the crafty ones is to collect stones and sea shells and glue to one wall of the bathroom, it will most certainly bring back happy holiday memories!

Team Pakistan

Image from: Heartbeat Oz

While Tangerine Tango is the colour of 2012, we anticipate that green will the big one in 2013. Like blue, green is a suitable bathroom and nursery colour since it’s known for being relaxing. Green is the colour of nature and is complemented well by brown and surprisingly, blue and yellow undertones. For a safe way to green styling, use the colour on furniture such as sofas, rugs and chairs.

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