One for the traditionalists – Shaker style

Shakers never intended their style to be a fashion must have, but in their pursuit of perfection, they perfected kitchen design.

They believed that every object should be functional and decoration was unnecessary, ‘Beauty rests on utility’ being one of their favourite sayings, and a focus on quality seen as a testament to God, we think they were on to sometime. Shaker designs are famous for their simplicity, creating a timeless style that doesn’t look out of place in a traditional country kitchen or a modern, open plan kitchen.

Traditionalist Shakers wouldn’t have approved of the detailed wallpaper, or the clusters of elaborate pedants, but we’re totally sold on this kitchen – yet another House to Home gem.

Get the look

It’s all about keeping it simple, open plan and uncluttered with a colour scheme in either red, blue, yellow or blue-green. Natural materials are a must, while walls should be kept neutral or for classic Shaker style, bare white plaster is preferred.

Peg rails are essential Shaker style, they would hang everything from aprons to chairs from them, but, keep it neat; clutter is a real no no. You can peg-out on these lovely rails at Not on The High Street.

Natural wooden work tops and a neutral floor are another Shaker necessity – neutral simplicity is key to getting this look just right.

If you want to shake up your kitchen design, clear out the clutter and get back to basics, this is the style for you. The good news is that you wont have to hand carve the cabinets yourself. We have 1000’s of quality local kitchen specialists, who have spent years perfecting their craftsmanship and who would be only to happy to inject some Shaker style into your kitchen.

Simply post your job on and we’ll put you in contact with up to 3 quality, local tradesmen who will quote for your job. You’ll then be able to read their ratings online and select the right kitchen specialist for you. Once he has made you Shaker-style kitchen dreams a reality remember to rate him, so that other homeowners, like yourself, will be better able to select their next tradesman.

It’s simple and all about quality – something we have in common with the Shakers!

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