Opt for easy-to-maintain gardens, Britons told

Now the sun has finally started to shine through the clouds and the UK is bathed in spring-like weather for the first time in 2012, attention will naturally turn to your gardens.

Of course, the arrival of a spot of sunshine leads many people to spend more time outdoors, whether entertaining friends, eating from the barbecue or spending time with family members. As such, it is important to get your garden in great shape ahead of the summer season.

Garden designer Jo Thompson has issued some advice to those of you who are thinking of taking steps to improve your green space. Hiring a professional gardener could be the best way to tackle the issue, whether on a permanent basis or simply to give your home the kick-start it needs.

Over time, you may still be required to carry out some maintenance work, so it is best to instruct your tradesman to introduce flowers and plants that are easy to keep. Ms Thompson also recommended species that are “not temperamental”.

“Any of the English roses are great as they repeat flower and are resistant to disease. Mary Rose is one of my favourites. Annuals such as Nigella are brilliant, as you simply sow them where you want to flower and they’ll appear around the garden for years to come,” Ms Thompson stated.

Brian Hawtin from had his own ideas on how to tackle the garden at this time of year recently, as he told of the importance of adding bright colours to this area. He noted daffodils and tulips among the best additions you can make.

It seems Ms Thompson’s advice is along similar lines, as overhauling a garden and implementing colourful, attractive plants is one way to ensure you make the most of your outdoor space in 2012.

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