Optimism growing in UK housing market, says expert

A growing number of people could be calling upon decorators in Sheffield and other UK cities to spruce up their home before putting it up for sale. This is because, according to company director at the Little House Company Jane Marr, a certain degree of optimism is returning to the market. She claimed that although February was a relatively quiet month in terms of sales, there was a growth in the number of people making enquiries into the sector.

“People need to get on with their lives and we are seeing more research, valuations and enquiries on how to sell their homes more cheaply,” the expert continued.

Ms. Marr said her organisation feels as though things are getting better for the property market.
Released on March 11th, the latest LSL Property Services/Acadametrics house price index revealed property values increased by 0.3 per cent compared with the previous month.

However, prices declined by 0.5 per cent annually.