Give your home an overhaul with new lighting

There are numerous ways to do up your home this winter, from decorating the living room to spending time in the garden or installing eco-friendly technology. But none may have such a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of a property as an overhaul of its lighting systems.

Natalie Timmerman, a spokeswoman for Light IQ, has told how installing new bulbs and shades can have an instant impact on how each room looks and feels. However, she noted it is important to select the right lighting for each particular part of the home, with the correct levels needed to suit certain spaces.

When considering which options to invest in and add to the home, it is worth spending some time thinking about what a room is typically used for. For example, an office where people are known to work, study or write should be well lit and bright, but this may not be the case in a cosy bedroom.

“Layering the lighting in several circuits allows flexibility, while a good lighting design with careful positioning and selection of luminaires allows achieving the maximum safety and effect whilst saving energy,” explained Ms Timmerman. The expert went on to advise you to invest in more lighting at this time of the year as there can often be a lack of it available from the sun – and this is something that can have a negative impact on mood. She suggested seasonal affective disorder could be overcome by making a home brighter and more welcoming. “This could be as simple as replacing the existing lamps with brighter and more efficient ones or as complex as introducing a new lighting feature like an artificial skylight with daylight colour appearance,” Ms Timmerman stated.

Another seasonal home improvement that can create significant benefits is insulation, which was heavily backed by Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of BuildIt, in a recent interview.

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