Homeowners ‘guilty of overlooking lighting’

When running a home, there are plenty of things you must consider. From ensuring your appliances are in working order to keeping your interior design up to date, the list of tasks is seemingly endless.

As such, it seems some of you might be leaving certain aspects at the back of your minds and not giving them the thought they deserve. Lighting could well be one of those issues.

Rebecca Thompson, colour and design manager at Dulux, has spoken about lighting and suggested it is something that many people are ignoring. She said it has a “massive impact” on a home and must be taken into consideration, especially when choosing a colour for your walls. After all, paint will look very different under natural light compared to how it appears beneath electric bulbs.

The expert went on to recommend LED lighting as a stylish and practical option that can make the right impact in a residential property. Indeed, you might wish to have it installed by a professional electrician immediately in a bid to give your home a boost.

“If you want something a little more minimalist and have furniture to make the space look cooler, LED can work. It works really nicely with shelving and in kitchens,” Ms Thompson explained.

She is far from the first industry expert to back the installation of LED lighting as a good home improvement. Interior designer Jo Hamilton recently identified the solution as one that should be added to properties, noting it can come in many different shades.

Of course, adding LED lighting should also have a practical benefit, as well as simply looking great, as you will find you can see around your rooms easier than ever, making activities such as reading and cooking a lot simpler.

With this in mind, there seems no reason to hold off an online search for an expert electrician any longer. Just think of the benefits you are missing out on while you persist with existing solutions.

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