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Paint your home yellow for maximum style this summer

There may be no cheaper or easier way to breathe new life into your home and give its appearance a sense of freshness than simply taking a paintbrush and new colour to your walls.

You can discuss expensive projects, extensions, loft conversions and landscaped gardens until you are blue in your face, the simple fact is that many of these will cost a hefty sum. For a much smaller fee, you can hire a professional decorator to repaint some of your most important rooms, such as the kitchen, bedrooms and living quarters.

Of course, the exact shade you opt for will understandably be a key decision and your thoughts might change depending on which areas you wish to decorate. It is also worth considering the current make-up of the rooms in question, as their furniture, accessories and flooring will play a key part when it comes to making up your mind on what colour should complement them perfectly.

If you are on the lookout for some expert advice on the subject, you will surely be interested in the words of Sara Corker. The director of Sara Corker Designs has spoken about some of the most in vogue trends and tones that can add style, glamour and vibrancy to your walls this summer.

At this time of the year, with the sun set to shine and the skies due to remain blue for many hours each day, your tastes will likely swing towards seasonal shades. Indeed, Ms Corker suggested that yellow is one of the most popular colours on the market at the moment.

“I am currently using creamy yellows in a north-facing cottage – it creates a lovely happy feel and reflects a subtle warm light that is very appealing,” she stated.

“Soft yellows look fantastic with black for a smart look, but for a happy summer look, mix with soft turquoises and bright pinks for a splash of brightness.”

We think you have plenty to gain from following her advice and calling upon a local tradesman to add a splash of colour to your living room or kitchen. And why not go the whole hog by following the expert’s words to a tee and having a luxurious, tempting yellow spread across your walls?

Yellow is certainly an attractive colour, as it boasts a degree of warmth that makes it a homely and comfortable shade suitable for the home, while also reminding us of happy times in the sun, on the beach or on a memorable family holiday. Surely there is nobody who would not like these feelings to be stirred inside them every time they walk down their yellow hallway or into a yellow bedroom?

Even if the weather does not live up to expectations this summer – and that would not be a shock bearing in mind the UK’s notoriously unpredictable climate – you will be able to lie back in your trendy home and imagine you are on a far-flung beach or under a warm sun.

Even Ms Corker admitted that we have had an awful lot of rain so far this summer here in the UK, but despite this there is still a great deal of optimism in the air. The recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations reinvigorated the nation’s feel-good factor and the upcoming Olympic Games in London are sure to boost it yet further.

In short, there is no better time to be investing in your home and returning it to a traditional British style with plenty of the most in vogue colours on the market. You might not think your home is currently in need of an extensive revamp, but only after you have had the work completed are you likely to realise just what you have been missing out on in recent times and the boost a new look can provide a property.

So, with this in mind, waste not a day more. Get onto right now to find a professional, highly-qualified decorator who will be able to bring the very best in terms of aesthetics to your home in just a few days.

Post details of your job on and wait for highly-recommended local decorators to get in touch with a quote.

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