Painters and decorators could help get homes ready for Christmas

People in the UK may wish to call upon the services of painters and decorators in Canterbury in order to ensure their Christmas celebrations go with a bang.

Susan Llewellyn, founder of the Susan Llewellyn Academy of Interior Design and Susan Llewellyn Associates, has told how giving a home a makeover at this time of year is ideal.

With the festive season fast approaching, she recommended a splash of colour and a new design to give a property a seasonal boost.

She said that warmth and colour will be among the key aspects of interior design at this time.

“I think glamour is very much to the fore and rich colours because that makes one feel good about one’s self. At anytime that is recessional people tend to go back into themselves,” Ms Llewellyn stated.

Interior designer Jo Hamilton last week spoke of the importance of using subtle shades within the home for maximum style and comfort.

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