Painters in Lichfield ‘should use subtle colours’

When employing painters in Lichfield and other locations around the UK, people have been advised to instruct them to use calm and relaxed shades on the walls.

Interior designer Jo Hamilton has spoken of the current trends, noting that things have changed over the course of 2011. “Colours are calmer and more muted than earlier in the year. We are seeing some beautiful inky hues coming through to provide a subtle backdrop for a scheme,” she stated. Although there is still a demand for brighter colours, these are increasingly being used in “splashes and accents” rather than as the main tone within a room.

Ms Hamilton went on to add that inky-grey walls and wooden flooring are other themes that are growing in popularity at the moment.

Oliver Heath, director of, this week explained it can be best to opt for an all-year round style rather than a particular pattern or look.

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