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Advice for Painting Outside Walls

As the bright sun and longer days of spring arrive, they can highlight the damage that winter has done to the exterior of our homes. A lot of it can be brushed away with a stiff broom and some soap and water, but the sunlight also exposes work that needs doing if we are to keep our homes looking appealing. Fortunately, the warmer days also provide the inspiration to get work done and make our homes both visually up to scratch and waterproofed again so that we don’t need to worry about the tasks once autumn rolls around.

Painting outside walls of your home is a job that is best done in the spring, as you don’t need to consider the chances of wind or rain driving you indoors. It also gives the paint a chance to dry, clean and unbothered by flying leaves and dust.

painting outside walls

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You can either set up the ladders or some scaffolding and do it yourself or get an expert in to burn away the old paint and advise you on a whole new look for your home. Most of us simply scrape away the same white paint every few years before replacing it with something much the same around our door frames and window frames. But there are other options that can work too, whether you have a modern or a period home.

Colours that work well with your home depend upon what materials it’s made from and whether there is already any colour on the front of your house. Have a walk around your neighbourhood and see what others have done on similar homes. Chances are that they will all have the same white window frames and door frames too. But you may find some outliers and innovators who have been more daring. Some combinations exude a touch of class and can even make the home stand out and look more valuable than those on either side.

When it comes to painting outside walls, the features on the front of your home, it pays to be bold in your choices but not overly adventurous with colour schemes. Red doors may look nice and bright but red window sills won’t suit your home quite so well.

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You want strong colours that give a classic look, rather than one that you will want to paint over come mid-summer. For this reason you should think about battleship greys, dark greens and even some lighter shades of blue. Black can also be effective. Naturally, you can also take the theme indoors and paint both sides of the window frames, as well as mullions.

Those who have wooden window frames have the extra option of stripping back the paint and going for a natural, varnished finish, which can look very elegant with dark woods. If you have decorative window surrounds then you may consider keeping the frames white and colouring these features instead.

When considering using a colour for painting outside walls of your home, make sure there is either a match or a suitable contrast between your door and the window frames and/or sills. A navy door will work well with grey features but burnt orange won’t go with green. You can mix and match your ideas by holding colour charts or cards against each other, or even get some sample pots and paint them onto a piece of wood or card and put them against your brickwork.

Professional decorators will be able to advise you on colours and will have experience of working with all kinds of different looks and paints. They will advise you as to how paints will finish when dried, as well as the best makes to go for when considering both kerb appeal and good value for money.

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