Plenty to do in the garden at this time of year, says expert

Heading out into your garden and carrying out a range of tasks at this time of the year can be a distinctly unappealing prospect, as cold weather, rain and wind sum up the weather in many parts of the UK. But if your garden is to look at its very best during the spring and the summer, you will find there is plenty that needs doing during January and February.

As such, it may be worth hiring a professional to complete both time-consuming and specialist tasks that will leave you with a green paradise in a few months.

Tony Dickerson, horticultural advisor at the Royal Horticultural Society, has had his say on the matter, admitting that while it is still a little early for some jobs, there are others that must be completed at this time. For instance, he recommended you focus on the planting of trees, plants and hedges in order to ensure they are firmly in place for the warmer months of the year.

“Of course, being of mild weather so far – and all indications are that it is going to stay pretty mild – it is an ideal time for various sorts of planting of budding plants,” Mr Dickerson stated. And it is not only your new species you need to get sorted in the early part of the new year. The expert suggested it is also time to be sowing the seeds for new fruits and vegetables to grow, such as raspberries and blackcurrants. “Sweet peas can be sown now and there’s one or two vegetables that you might get away with,” the industry chief added.

Susan Littlefield, horticultural editor of the National Gardening Association, recently said that late winter can be the perfect time to prune some trees and visit a local gardening centre to invest in some new plants for the season.

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