Plumbers and electricians ‘increasingly green’

Plumbers in Peterborough and other areas of the UK may be finding there is an increasingly green element to their job. According to deputy director of the National Energy Foundation Ian Byrne, a number of roles that did not previously have an eco-friendly aspect now require environmental skills.

Plumbers and heating engineers need to understand solar water heating, biomass such as wood pellets and ground source heat pumps systems,” he stated.

Similarly, electricians are finding they need to have a knowledge of photovoltaic panels and sophisticated control systems, Mr. Byrne continued. Insulation is another area builders need to be well educated in, the expert added, especially as there is a growing number of measures being introduced to encourage the take-up of sustainable energy.

In a recent article for the New York Post, Barbara K urged home owners to always call on the help of a professional when attempting any big plumbing or electrical jobs around the house.

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