Plumbers could protect houses against the cold

The prospect of calling out plumbers in Bristol may get more appealing to homeowners when they hear the latest advice of one organisation.

According to the Consumer Council for Water, wintry conditions can lead to chaos in properties as the frozen temperatures cause pipes to burst.

However, the good news is that there are ways to protect pipes – something a tradesman may be able to help with.

Dame Yve Buckland, chair of the organisation, said: “Prevention is certainly better than cure and much easier on the pocket. So time invested now following our simple advice could save you a whole load of hassle.”

Among the actions that plumbers could take are the insulation of pipes, the creation of vents to warm certain areas and the fixing of leaking or dripping taps.

The CCFW recently said that being more efficient with water consumption will pay off in the long run for Britons.

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