Plumbers in Aberdeen could prevent escape of water

Homeowners might be wise to call in plumbers in Aberdeen and other UK destinations in order to check their property for potential water leaks.

New research by Legal & General has found that the escape of water is now a more likely problem in the country than burglary. It has launched a Stop the Drop campaign, which is designed to reduce the risk of burst pipes, faulty central heating and plumbing issues.

The study found that the most likely cause of trouble in this area is through plumbing problems in an upstairs bathroom – something an expert could deal with.

Malcolm Cooper of Legal & General said: “If we can encourage more people to take preventative measures and carry out regular maintenance checks this will hopefully reduce the number of escape of water claims.”

Bathrooms could also be a focus for builders in the future, after recent research by Nationwide found that adding an en-suite facility to a home can increase its value by 23 per cent.

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