Professional gas check could be wise investment ahead of winter

Homeowners around the UK may be wise to call out professionals in order to check their gas and other appliances are in working order ahead of the winter.

Jeff Learman, director of communications at Gas Safe Register, said that this time of year is known by many as the start of the “heating season”.

With the weather likely to become colder over the coming weeks, it could be worth investing in the services of electricians in Leeds and other locations to give a home the once over. The expert warned that without checking appliances, there is no way of knowing whether they are working.

Mr Learman added: “The heating might be working, but it doesn’t mean that it’s working at its most efficient, that you’re getting the best value for money or that there aren’t CO emissions.”

Sarah Harris, senior communications adviser at National Grid, recently said that young people – such as students – are among those likely to not take gas safety seriously.

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