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Porches are experiencing a renaissance, most often associated with seaside cottages, porches are now more more commonly seen as features of new build terraced houses. A nostalgic touch perhaps, or a practical solution?

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A porch is external to the walls of the house, it may be enclosed or simply a separate roof to protect people standing below it. Traditionally, seaside properties have enclosed porches to protect the front door and keep the elements out – a very British use of a porch is for muddy boots and coats.


A poorly designed porch can ruin the aesthetic of a property, while a well designed one can increase the property’s kerb appeal – by giving it a focal point. A porch is the first thing you’ll see and as the entrance to a property it plays a huge role in kerb appeal. The porch is both a design feature and a practical solution to keep out mud, drafts, wind, rain and all the other elements of British weather from our living spaces.

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Porch Ideas

There are a number of different types of porches. An open porch/ a door canopy, is the cheapest and easiest option and can be built for about £600. The advantage of a canopy porch is that it can dramatically change the frontage of your property and, unless you live in a listed property or in a conservation area, you probably won’t need planning permission.

Enclosed or semi-enclosed porches might need planning permission, so it’s best to consult your local planning authority before you commence any work. uPVC is the most common material used to build an enclosed or semi-enclosed porch. Its popularity’s due to its low cost (around £3,500) and low maintenance. A more visually pleasing, but also much more expensive option, is a wooden porch which will easily cost double if not triple the price. As I said previously however, a badly designed porch can actually devalue a property so unless you’re prepared to invest in a quality solution that’s in keeping with the architecture of your home, it’s a home improvement that’s best left alone.

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Done well and in keeping with your property, porches are a real asset. They can add value to a property, but this is not always the case. More often than not they will simply improve the kerb appeal of your property and therefore make it more saleable. If you do decide to add a porch, bear in mind other aspects of your property’s frontage, such as garden boundaries, windows and planting. Combined these features can really give your property the wow factor.

When selling a property the first challenge is getting people through the front door and a nicely presented porch can only help!



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