Property envy: the most expensive house in the world

We all like to be a little nosey once in a while, but those darn millionaire mansion are always so tucked away you can never sneak a peak over the fence because they are impossible to find. You used to have to take a balloon ride to pry into and identify the location of these hide aways – but now, hello Google Earth!

Not only do these lucky devils have millions to spend on their pads, they are actually sitting on a better investment, homes in the most affluent areas of the UK  have seen the smallest fall in prices across England.

We like to dream and it’s fun to be nosey, so here are some of the hottest properties we could locate:

Wait for it… this is the rear of the house.

This 7-bed house in Sunninghill, Ascot, is perfect if you have cool budget of £7,250,000 from Foxtons Estate Agents.

This next one is a quirky take on Tudor-style. With landscaped gardens and a country traditional interior, we think this one is a bargain at just over 4 mill!

Availiable at Strutt Parker Estate agents for £4.5 million.

But we were not content until we found the most expensive house in the world – turns out it’s only down the road in Surrey – at £70 million this place compares to a Vegas hotel or Disney Land, rather than a Surrey mansion. This place costs £1 million per year just to run, with neighbours including the Queen, at Windsor Castle, Elton John and the Duchess of York.

Updown House has 103 rooms, 5 swimming pool and exudes extravagance, or maybe its just a bit tacky? Even the driveway has underground heating! Well, what’s a rich Sheikh to do?

Back to reality. If your place is slightly less grand than the above and is in need of a little TLC to get it up to scratch, let us know and we will put you in touch with a Rated Person. No job is to big or small, builders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers – we have them all!

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