Quirky lamp shades for minimalist homes

We often talk about decorating in a simple way;  key furniture pieces in neutral colours, walls in inoffensive shades and soft furnishings in muted tones are what we harp on about. However, keeping everything simple would make things boring, and while we love the idea behind this minimalist mews house currently on sale in Notting Hill, we can’t help but root for crazy colours too.

2-bedroom mews house in Notting Hill via Domus Nova

If you’ve got a minimalist home, why not experiment with lamp shades and inject some big print bonanza in your home? Unlike wallpapers or sofas, lamp shades can easily be replaced and if pushed, even changed on a seasonal basis – should you suffer from interior design restlessness.

1. This is the ultimate eco-lampshade. Dyed with environmentally friendly ink that’s chemically free, the Honey Lampshade is also made up of 100% wool.

2. Alexander McQueen might’ve made skulls fashionable on tees, but textile printer Amy Aardvark has made them cool on lamp shades. The skull lamp also comes in black and white shades, but we think the turquoise one has an edge.

3. Like flowers unfurling from the ceiling, the Palm Lampshades are a love child of the visuals of 1970’s and today’s modern environment thinking. The lamp is made up of 100% recyclable material and you can assemble its 22 individual petals like an IKEA pro.

4. Michelle Mason has created this discreet lampshade that manages to look very on trend because of its print leaf design. Minimal and floral: it’s the right side of retro.

5. Who would’ve thought that a lamp shade with a wooden base and butterfly print would go so well together? It might be a tricky one to place in your home as it may clash with most tones, but we have a solution, buy two.

6. The cupcake prints for this lamp shade can be a tad too much, but at least it will brighten up a gloomy kitchen. If it will stave off sugar cravings we’re not sure, but it’s worth a shot.

We’ve given you the details, now it’s your turn to fix the whole picture. If you need help with a home improvement project, post your job for free and up to three quality, local tradesmen will get in touch with a quote. Read their ratings, left by previous customers, and pick the one that’s right for you.

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