Rated golf – we tee’d off with some of our Rated tradesmen

We do a lot of research at Rated People, it helps us learn more about our customers – homeowners and tradesmen. It’s our research guru Chris’s job to find out what people like about our service, what they don’t like and what they want. So Chris found out that our tradesmen like golf, 21% in fact – we have 30,000 tradesmen so that’s a lot of golfers. Us lot at Rated People like golf too, therefore it wasn’t a difficult decision to decide to hold a golf event.

Chart Hills Golf Club in Kent was our club of choice, where 7 teams of tradesmen and Rated People staff battled it out. Every level of golf was welcome: the good, the bad and the ugly (it made better video content that way). In between the putts, swings, drives (and all the golfing jargon) we spoke to our tradesmen about the world of home improvements and specifically our service – it’s good to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Chris calls them focus groups, we called them…

Bill’s Bandits – Bill on the left our CFO (the money man)

The Loosers – deserved and A for effort!

The Posers (self titled) – dedicated 90% of their efforts to looking good and still managed to win

The Gilmores – visited every facet of the fairway (favouring the wet and sandy areas)

The Winners – didn’t win

The Hackers – re-landscaped parts of the course

Team Us – gave us some good golf tips (especially how not to drive a golf buggy)

It was such a successful event that we’ve decided to hold another one. This time we are heading to the Midlands, mid-July, and we would like to invite you to join us. Email [email protected] to register* your place in a team. More details will be revealed later, including which golf club we’ve picked.

*limited spaces available. Entries will be entered into a lottery where the lucky ones will be picked at random.

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