Our rebrand story by CMO, Nihal Pekbeken


The decision to re-brand a successful business like Rated People wasn’t taken lightly. Our reasons for rebranding came as a result of wanting to reflect the evolution we were undergoing as a business in an ever-changing competitive landscape. We are using rebrand as an offensive tool to stay ahead as the UK’s no.1 home services marketplace whilst also accommodating opportunities for growth.

We were however acutely aware of the connection that our existing homeowners and tradespeople had with the brand and wanted to make the transition to a new identity as smooth as possible. It was therefore important to incorporate the familiar and most recognised components from the old logo into the new identity. The speech bubble, which has been part of our logo since we were established in 2005, remains core to the identity and we have kept our primary colour – green (take a look at our new homepage).

rated people new logo

We’ve also changed the way we talk to our homeowners and tradespeople. Our business is about facilitating connections so it was important for us to connect with our customers in the right way.

However, the rebrand is not just about a change in logo and tone of voice. It runs deeper – changing the vision, mission and brand story.

We wanted to highlight the impact we have been having as a business on peoples’ lives across the UK. For example, we contribute an estimated £1.3 billion to the UK economy through the connections we facilitate between homeowners and tradespeople. We also look to affect change. An example would be our continued effort to reduce the skills shortage in the trades industry by seeking out ways to encourage more people into the trades, by bringing skilled tradespeople to the forefront and helping to raise standards through a platform that rates the work they do.

Our mission therefore is to connect good homeowners with good tradespeople to deliver better homes, better work and better lives. We have 11 years of experience in this industry – we are best placed in understanding the needs and ambitions of our homeowners and tradespeople – the types of homes our customers aspire to live in, the business ambitions of our tradespeople, the type of lives they want to lead.

That’s why we are the UK’s no.1 home services marketplace. We intend to keep it that way.