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It’s our job to connect homeowners with tradesmen, but homeowners don’t always know what they want, or need. It’s a bit like going to the doctor, you say: my knee hurts, he says: pattellar tendinopathy.

Our tradesmen often tell us that homeowners don’t realise that the tradesmen pay for the job leads, and the tradesmen also want to know what job they’re buying: ‘style my kitchen’ is hardly informative. Homeowners are also frustrated when tradesmen don’t buy such leads as ‘I need help’.

The good news is that we’re working on making our service better for our tradesmen and homeowners; therefore, we have improved our job form, to guide homeowners when posting a job on our site and to make sure they are aware that tradesmen pay for their job leads. Include as much information as possible, is the top tip we can give; you can never write too much. However, we do understand it’s not always easy for homeowners to know what needs to be done to fix a leaky roof or how much it might cost to fit new guttering, if it was that simple they would do it themselves!

Thankfully our tradesmen are understanding and have lots of experience working with the general public, but we do ask homeowners to think before they post that job, apply some common sense: ‘what does a tradesman need to know about my job to be able to make a decision whether to buy it or not?’

We also now confirm by SMS whether homeowners wish to proceed with their job or not. We don’t want quote enquiries, genuine jobs only – thank you! And because we have been making homeowners aware that tradesmen buy their jobs, they have been including more details about their home improvement projects, which has produced better quality job leads.

If any part of our service isn’t quick and easy to use we want to know about it. Nothing should be over complicated, we’re not doctors after all – we want to say it as it is – and we need your feedback to continue to make these valuable improvements.

Perhaps you want your company to be featured on the Blog? Maybe you’ve renovated a fabulous home or maybe you have some great suggestions on how we can improve our service. If you have any feedback, good or bad, just get in touch with us.

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