Celebrating the best and the worst of red interiors

It’s the middle of March and we’ve all got one thing on our minds – Red Nose Day! Soon, there’ll be masses of red noses popping up everywhere. Everywhere we look, there’ll be t-shirts emblazoned with red and BBC adverts are already redder than normal.

Yes red is the colour of the moment and to get into the spirit, I’m bringing you the best and worst of red interiors. So without further ado…

The best…

Image Source: Chronically Vintage

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend red for the bedroom. It’s fiery and that’s far from ideal when you’re trying to switch off at night. But this may have just changed my mind… Keeping the walls neutral and working the red through the bed frame stops the room from becoming overpowering. A lot of credit goes to the duvet cover too. It has just the right amount of red to pull the red and white together and stop the room from becoming devoid of personality. Feminine florals create a classic and romantic look.

Image Source: Daisy Hill Living

Sure, there’s a lot of colour here but this is a room that’s been carefully thought through. The mix of patterns and textures at work on the stool and cushions make this setup warm and inviting. Not only that, the wall art is in keeping with the design and softens the sheer quantity of red that jumps from the walls.

And the worst…

Image Source: HitDecor

Matching your chairs to your dining table decor is one thing but investing in curtains is a step too far! So much stands out that actually, nothing much stands out at all. I bet you didn’t even think that was possible…

Image Source: Glo

These cabinets and drawers are so bright and slick that they remind us of our school lockers. That can’t be good, can it?! There’s just something about red cabinets in this shape that’s very unappealing…

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that going overboard can do more bad than good. Nevertheless, it’s not just a matter of quantity – as room number 2 proves! You shouldn’t be shy with colour. Just make sure you experiment with patterns and texture. Red encourages conversation so show it in its best light and it’ll be the perfect choice for a social space such as your dining room.


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