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[re]design your own Christmas!

Eco was all over the Ideal Home Show at Christmas this year. There was many an eco product, such as the Ecoegg (£20 for 720 machine washes) and the range of eco heating systems provided by the aptly named Eco House Comfort. With the Max! Portal (as part and parcel of the Max! System) for example, heating can be controlled remotely through a downloadable mobile app which connects to the WiFi. So no more sticking one foot out of the bed to test if it’s safe to leave!

What truly caught my eye though was the eco stall which markets itself through various projects – [re]design. And that’s because it’s rewarding in more ways than one!

What was the appeal?

The Ideal Home Show provided the perfect opportunity for the small company to promote their ‘Why Don’t You… [re]design Christmas?’ project – which calls for people of all ages to change their consumerist approach and start making their own gifts to mark the occasion.

Although there aren’t any finished products up for grabs, what you can buy is a publication which guides you through the making process and provides a series of finished images for you to take a look at. They’re very pleasing on the eye! Just take a look at ‘Birty’ below:

Designed by eco champion Emma Berry, the tartan bag has taken on a whole new life after being transformed from an old skirt.

I was lucky enough to speak to Jason Allcorn, Creative Director of the firm’s small core team of three. He explained how the company’s aim was to encourage people to reconnect with their own hands, as if we receive hand-made gifts, then we’re more likely to hold onto them for longer. The sentimental value gives them max points on the usage scale!

But is it worth it?

It’s a very good question, especially as we’re still going to drool over those polished products that fill the pages of House Beautiful and Style at Home.

Image Source: Style at Home

Still, you can bet it is!

It’s impossible to deny that the marketplace is divided with a large slice of people desiring the ready-made gifts and a small section taking more of an interest in where their goods are coming from. But as Jason explained, crafting is being made cool again. Not only can we reconnect with our hands quite easily, we can also reconnect with each other just by taking up some common household items and having a go.

Granny will love the nostalgic trip back to her days of sewing and hard graft, whilst a parent will appreciate the time spent with their child as both put their all into the activity.

Now, I won’t pretend that I’m going to make all of my Christmas gifts this year… but I will be adopting the DIY approach at least once. It seems only fair to give it a go after Jason so kindly left me with a parting gift of a cardboard cut-out Santa moustache!

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