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Refreshing the ‘colour pop’

Colour popping is one trend that we haven’t grown tired of yet. It’s perfect for the summer as fruity shades come alive and make a perfect match with the weather. Everything’s so much lighter following a colour boost. To rework the trend, turn to colour in unusual places. Move away from the cushions and bedspreads and take inspiration from the following colourful designs.

The roof cowl

A colourful roof cowl pinpoints your house from a distance, so if you’re the entertaining type, you won’t have a problem with guests finding your home. Matching the cowl to the front door is one way to be adventurous with colour, while preventing your home from turning into a child’s picturebook image. The lack of brick and roof colour clearly marks this as a property belonging to an adult professional and one who’s clearly up to date with home trends at that.

Image Source: Pinterest

The dining table

We’re used to coffee tables having a burst of colour but it’s rare to see a bright dining table taking centre-stage. That’s normally reserved for the bowls and vases that call its surface home. This fluoro dining table is by Tom Dixon and totals in at a pricey £2,000. Rustic looking tables are particularly good at taking colour so if you have an old bench hanging around in your shed, degloss and sand it before painting. You can always recreate the distressed look with sandpaper afterwards.

Image Source: My Daily 

The staircase

Combining colour and height is always a winning formula. Being bold with colour will highlight your ceilings’ height. You may already have implemented colour into your stairs through carpeting but an all-over colour from step to banister will give it an upgrade. If your stairs are of the staircase kind, a touch of paint can soften it and make it appear less industrial – just look at this Barbie inspired handiwork!

Image Source: design milk

The countertop

Using colour to lift a white decor scheme is extremely popular and Zeta Studio Architects kept that in mind with their design of Italy’s, Capri Suite Hotel. The zesty countertop adds character but it’s not just white spaces that would benefit. Modern kitchens in darker shades of black and grey could also carry off the hue, while a cottage styled home would become cosier and richer in personality.

Image Source: design milk

The oven surround

What better way to invite tranquillity than green? This green surround directs us to the heart of a home – the kitchen. If you like the cleanliness of a white countertop and fridge, aim to incorporate colour further down in your space. Most people are aware of coloured cupboards – whether they buy them or colour them afterwards through experimenting with finishes. My father tried to lighten his through staining them a nice orange colour. Unfortunately, they turned out to be a strange shade in-between orange and brown. A pre-bought creation could be a lot less hassle and the surround is ideal if you’re a bit wary as colour is confined to a smaller area.

Image Source: design milk

If you need help implementing colour in your home, post your job and up to three local tradesmen will contact you to quote. Don’t be tempted to risk your safety with a DIY roof cowl! 

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  1. I have been using bold colours for quite a while – the architraving is a diferent colour in each room!

  2. I have been using bold colours for quite a while – the architraving is a different colour in each room!

  3. I would be interested in renovation my home stairways my garden patio area and introduce colours to kitchen dinner.

    1. Hi Diana,

      If you would like help with introducing colour, you can post your job on our homepage ( Which tradesman you need will depend on what exactly you’d like carried out – for example, many oven surrounds come pre-coloured, so you would only need a heating engineer (gas) or electrician (electric) to install one. If you would like further advice, you can head to our Ask an expert section online – where our tradesmen can answer your question:

      I hope this helps!

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