Remember to insure after home improvements

Home improvements have shot to the forefront of many of your minds over the last few months. As moving to a different property becomes more difficult as lenders tighten their belts and refuse to sanction some mortgages, staying where you are is proving to be a common option for those of you who would normally be looking to move.

Of course, when you have decided you want a change, there will be a reason behind it. This is usually the fact that you just want more space and are now in a financial position to be able to afford it. Alternatively, you might have grown tired of your existing abode and fancy a fresh start.

Whatever your reason, to find out the economic crisis will make it tough or even impossible for you to switch to a new address can be hard to take. Instead of wallowing in disappointment, the option many people are now choosing is to invest in home improvements. You never know, you might just be able to make more of your existing property than you ever realised was possible.

Perhaps the obvious place to start is hiring a builder to carry out an extension of your dwelling. This will give you the extra space you may so desperately crave, whether it is in the form of more bedrooms in the roof space, a kitchen extension at the back of the home or even the installation of a modern and chic conservatory.

While it might seem like a large expenditure at once, you will soon find that having the right home improvements completed can raise the value of your building far beyond what you realised it may be worth. Calculating the return on investment is a wise move before you commit to any project in particular.

However, once work has been completed, you should always remember to have your home insured for its new value. recently issued a reminder about this issue, noting a quarter of people currently forget to let an insurer know when their property has been upgraded.

There is plenty more you can do to improve the place you live. For example, you could have green adaptations fitted – such as solar panels and insulation. Not only will this ensure you are doing your bit for the environment, it will also have a positive effect on the amount of energy you consume and the bills you pay.

Other issues you might want to consider are the implementation of special features – such as a swimming pool or games room – that will help your home to stand out. This will allow you to enjoy something you have always dreamed of and be confident you will be able to sell the property at a higher price in the years to come.

There is so much you can do to improve your home, the biggest question is simply working out what suits you best. Once you have done so, it is well worth turning to a local tradesman to ensure the project is carried out to the very highest standards.

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