Remove bedroom beams ‘to aid better sleep’

Painters and decorators in Coventry and elsewhere in the UK could help home owners to create a relaxing bedroom to improve their sleep. Master Sarah McAllister, director of Feng Shui Agency & School of Chue Feng Shui, explained how a few simple changes can aid those who find it tricky to nod off. She suggested removing any beams or cupboards situated above a bed, as they can make the occupant feel as though they are being oppressed.

Beams in bedroom

Image source: House to Home

The expert also believes it is better to have beds made from natural wood – something carpenters may be able to help with. “Having a solid wall behind your head is also far preferred than a wall adjoining a bathroom water pipe or drain or a window,” Ms. McAllister continued. “Your headboard should be solid, high and slightly padded.”

She offered this advice after data amassed by the Economic and Social Research Council revealed nine per cent of men and ten per cent of women take sleep medication three or more nights a week.

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